Syed Shabab Ali Arzoo

Syed Shabab Ali Arzoo is a Skilled music composer with over a decade of experience in arranging and creating musical pieces. Expert in music, with experience handling a wide variety of programs to compose, synthesize, and revise music and able to play many different instruments. Familiarity with a range of musical genres, with special experience in film, TV, and commercial scoring. Expertise in direction, lighting, set design, and script work. His selected Music Direction in Feature Films are “The River Named Madhumoti” (1992), “Quiet Flows The River Chitra” (1995), “The Tree Without Roots” (2001), “Lalon” (2004), “The Sister (2008), “The Sleeping Forest” (2010), “Rest is Silence” (2016) “Near to Life” (2018), “Quite Flows the River Rupsha” (2019). Presently he is working as Assistant General Manager (Program), Bengal Media Corporation (Rtv) from 2016 and Faculty of Film and Television Department at Pathshala South Asian Media Institute.