︎ Photography

The department of photography of Pathshala is recognized as an institution offering the highest quality education in photography currently available. Through regular assignments and projects, the students are encouraged to master their art. Pathshala’s devotion to excellence has enabled it to carve its own niche internationally; making it’s at par with the best in the world. The extensive course curriculum diligently molds students as professional photographers in their own right. Our graduation course contains subjects like Documentary photography, Visual Anthropology, Portraiture, History of regional photography & film, curatorial practice, etc. which gives a foundation for a professional photographer and also a critical view on socially engaged storytelling, representation, regional context, eastern and western hegemony, etc.

︎ Department of Film & Television

The Department of Film and Television offers a wider range of courses including film directing, cinematography, video editing, animation, broadcast news presentation and reporting. Besides, the Cinema department also offers a one-year program in Film Direction and Screenwriting. Each training module covers both technical skills and cross-platform essentials: audiovisual storytelling, cinematic language, media standards and practices, leadership and teamwork.

︎ Immersive Media and Online Journalism

In light of the current media environment, Pathshala aims at providing support to journalists through shared learning and training on how to remain effective in times of crisis without compromising their safety, investigative research or the story they want to tell. While the primary emphasis will be on knowledge building and sharing video resources, as in creating a safety guideline for journalist community.