Shameem Akhtar

Shameem Akhtar is a Bangladeshi Independent film maker, a writer, journalist, teacher, activist for women, human rights and film. She started her career as the Feature Editor for the reputed ‘Daily Sangbad’. She was a member of Bangladesh Film Society and thereby attended several film courses conducted by Satish Bahadur of Pune Film Institute and international film personalities. Her debut film is a 8 minute fiction ‘The Conversation’ in 1991. The other three full length features are Itihaash Konna- Daughters of History (1999), Shilalipi- The Inscription (2002) and Reena Brown (2015) (which received Government Grant for the year 2014-15). There are about 30 documentaries she has made while working for both private and Government organization. The documentary ‘Eclipse’ won the best video film award in 1994.