Probir Kumar Das

A devoted and sincere nature enthusiast and avid traveller, he embarked on his photographic journey in the mid-90s after receiving a thoughtful gift from his brother: an SLR camera and a professional video camera. He discovered a new world by looking into the camera's viewfinder, encouraging him to enter the audio-visual world. The interplay of light and shadow in nature always adds a new dimension to his realm of thought.

In 2007, he undertook advanced training in Electronic Cinematography at the Vikshi Institute of Media Studies in Pune, India. Subsequently, in 2009, he further honed his 35mm motion picture photography skills at the same renowned institute. These immersive experiences exponentially enriched his cinematographic knowledge and expertise.

From 2005 to 2019, he achieved remarkable success as a cameraman across three distinguished television channels in Bangladesh: Baisakhi Television, Ekushey Television (ETV), and Maasranga Television. Along with cinematography, his video editing and scriptwriting knowledge influence his visual storytelling. Mohammad Zakaria is the honorable faculty of Pathshala Department of Film and Television.