Md. Fahad Al Alam

Fahad Al Alam is a photographer and a poet currently based in Dhaka. Born and raised in Naogaon, he later migrated to Dhaka. In the year 2010 he suddenly stumbled upon the art of Photography and started exploring his ideas with a digital camera. Soon enough, he discovered analogue Photography when he fell in love with the process of taking pictures with films and developing them all by himself. He believes there is an analogue Renaissance happening globally at present and participation in this global phenomenon is necessary for Bangladeshi Photographers to learn and grow more. In May 2018, he published his own photography and poetry book ‘a piece of whisper’, consisting a compilation of his analogue works and poetry since 2013. His main source of inspiration is nature where he often finds himself fascinated with our vast expanding universe through which we all float like specks of dusts.