Masum Reza

Masum Reza is the honorable faculty of advanced Script and Screenplay course of Pathshala South Asian Media Institute, Department of Film and Television. He is a versatile, popular and award winning script writer for stage, television and film in home and abroad. Before finishing his university degree, he did establish himself as a playwright for theatre. Professional writing for television came in 1996 through BTV. He also made his mark writing screenplays for feature film, promotional, TVCs, script on development issues. He is a constant researcher in his own way and would like to handle more critical, sensitive and insightful issues in his writing to entertain his audience and at the same time contributing his thought to most desirable human relationship and social change. He is an inspired leader and manages several creative productions with great success. He also contributes in theatre review. For his outstanding work he has won National Film Awards in two categories and Bangla Academy Literature Award in Drama category which are the highest level recognition by the state.