MNI Chowdhury

M N I Chowdhury was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh on 1stJanuary 1982.
He received Masters of Business Administration, 2012Jagannath University, Completed a three-Years Program on photography, 2005 Pathshala South Asian Media Academy and Bachelor of Commerce, 2003, National University of Bangladesh. He also received 4th Fredskorpset Preparatory Course in Asia, 2005, from AIT, Bangkok, Thailand.

He has been awarded by President Scout Award, Bangladesh Scouts–1997, Social Development Award, Bangladesh Scouts–1997 and 2001.
He was working as a Photo editor, Photographer and Trainer in Aina Photo Agency, (2005-2006) Afghanistan; He worked as an Executive, Picture Library Department, Drik (2004-2009) and also worked as a Contributor, Photographer in the Independent &the New Age daily newspaper.

He is having publications CHRYSALIS Children’s books-UK 2004, UNESCO, APCEIU, Korea-Homo Ludens, Children’s Games in Asia, 2012, BRAC Annual Report 2013, 2014 & 2016& Research Publication: IJEAS Journal, Volume–5, Issue– 5, May 2018 &IJNTR Journal, Volume–IV, Issue– XI, November 2018.
At present he is working as a freelance Photographer, Faculty, Pathshala South Asian Media Institute, Dhaka, Bangladesh (2011 – Till Today)& Assistant professor, Department of Fashion Design & Technology in Shanto–Mariam university of Creative Technology, Uttara, Dhaka, Bangladesh (2011 – Till Today).
His photographs have been exhibited in Bangladesh, Thailand, Nepal and Afghanistan and published in various newspapers, calendars, and photo books. He has worked in many countries like, Afghanistan, Thailand, India, Nepal and Pakistan.

He has participated more then 31 workshops organized by a number of renowned people such as- Amy Pereira-Frears from News Week (Photo Editing), MortenKrogvold, Art Photography, Norway, Jenny Matthews Dawn to Dusk, UK, Tim Hetherington, Politics behind the image, UK, Prof of Cultural Anthropology. Cologne University, Germany. And Oslo University Collage and Pathshala jointly Photography workshop with the collaboration of Oslo University Collage.

His areas of interest include Documentary Photography&Digital Image processing.