ASM Reazur Rahman

ASM Rezaur Rahman is the Curator and General Manager of Drik in Bangladesh. He is also a member of the curatorial team of Chobi Mela, and involved in organising the festival since its inception in 2000.

Reza curated a series of exhibitions for photographer Shahidul Alam under Drik’s public awareness campaign ‘No More’. He was a co-curator of ‘Contemporary Photography of Bangladesh’ for the Dhaka Art Summit in 2012 and ‘Justice and the Post-2015 Agenda’ at Palais des Nations Geneva, Switzerland in 2015. He was commissioned on many occasions by the European Union, UNICEF, GIZ, ActionAid, Grameen Bank, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Norway.

Reza curated ‘Muslin Revival’ at the Bangladesh National Museum in 2016, which investigated the potential of reviving the historic textile. He was also commissioned by Bangladesh National Museum as the gallery designer and curator of Zainul Abedin Retrospective, the master painter of Bangladesh. He also curated 'Jobra to Oslo' a permanent exhibition for Grameen Bank, to commemorate Nobel prize-winning of Prof Muhammad Yunus.

In 2002, Reza won Silver Award in Norway for his curated exhibition 'Spor'. His unique concept of creating mobile exhibitions using local vehicles has become a trademark in Bangladesh.

An Arthink South Asia Fellow and a certified art manager Reza teaches Curatorial Practice at Pathshala South Asian Media Institute, Dhaka.